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中石油股蔓妮韵草本瘦身贴"Poof ~" a west cool army was broken to the arrow cluster penetrated to make, side of the west cool army suddenly roared, waving weapons crazy turned and rushed back."Want to kill him?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at the north palace from one eye, sneer at a way: "As long as you have this ability, you can kill yourself, now, he is my captive, how to deal with, I will judge!""Arrows!" D fiercely waved.

"Anyway, serve this war, is for my big fellow against foreign enemies." Cao Cao sighed lightly and looked at the crowd and said with a smile, "When you give them a reward, you add lyu3 bu4 as a title of generals in ancient times, holding the festival northwest, north of the country.""Master, retreat!" Marotta bitter smile, bow to lyu3 bu4, if only with all the way, even three times the difference in force, with lyu3 bu4 ability, decisive battle, will not lose, but if the huns also get involved, has exceeded their range."Yes, sir, close up!" The general hung up his sword, a wave of his hand, suddenly appeared on both sides of the mountain a lot of figure, quickly converge to this side, under the count, unexpectedly enough to have more than five hundred people.中石油股A knife shield hand from the ground to climb up, full of greasy viscous feeling let him even weapons are not stable, subconsciously put on the nose end sniffed, face suddenly changed.

中石油股That night, in the dead of night, The gates of martial arts are opened quietly, Chen Xing himself took with him a dozen cavalry men temporarily equipped with nags, Quietly close to the camp, In less than an arrow place, with Chen Xing commanded, more than a dozen already commanded soldiers rallied to start a drum and gongs, immediately, across the candidate camp a chicken flying dog jump, countless west cool army rushed out of the camp, ready to fight, however, Chen Xing has already fled with the troops."Oh?" D eyes a bright: "but the lyu3 bu4?""Unless..." Marotta looked at lyu3 bu4, face also become a little dignified.

Looking at the head of the huns leader, lyu3 bu4 corners of the mouth a grin, exposed two rows of white teeth, the huns in front of the frightened to sit on the ground."Have you ev heard from that Lord?" Handsome, seibel brows deep lock, asked the intelligence officer."Bao ~" did not wait for Xu Sheng to answer, is a small school came in, loudly way: "General, d angel pound to see.中石油股




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