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奥罗黎|4d电影设备Year almost, this paragraph of time is busy, after the development of the rectified, the earliest coming from nanyang follow lyu3 bu4 people there have been some supplies at hand in use next year after the autumn harvest of grain, leave enough extra food, will choose to sell to government set up a food shop, hand a little more money, to procurement necessities and from the qiang people or western people there to get some meat."Perhaps this is the mercy of god, perhaps god really think that the huns should not be extinct, but... "Lyu3 bu4 turn the horse around, look at the behind the complexion changed the people:" that doesn't erase the huns have committed iniquity, and would not destroy him since the day, it would be destroyed by me, to play, hold your arms, with the weapon in our hands, to take the place of god, died for those innocent people under the huns machine rolls and butcher's knife, with the blood of huns, recover a reasonable!"Illusion?

"Miss." Chen gong shook his head and looked at lu lingqi. "DE rong said before that you are more composed than before, but it seems that you are not.Although the war horse of liu bao is not as good as the red rabbit god jun of lv bu, but after all also is the good colt that ten thousand choose one, at the moment below the urging of two people, very quickly rushed to the most front, broke away from the direction of big army toward beautiful millet to gallop and go."Gong tai once said that pang shiyuan had a talent that could not be further from the truth. Today, when I see him, I dare not say that his talent and learning are worthy of his talent and learning. If gong tai is right, his arrogance is worthy of his talent and learning." Lv bu leans on the back of the chair, give a person the feeling of a kind of lie tiger however, every move, have kind of power of breathtaking spirit to press.奥罗黎|Five hundred hussars and riding guards went to perform their duties, but as the military base of lv bu and the Arsenal of the future, it was impossible not to take precautions. He yi heman, with five hundred city guards, was in charge of guarding the battalion for ten days."Three gentlemen, why are you all here?" He yi accidentally looked at three people, puzzled asked.

奥罗黎|"Who are you? Lu lingqi slightly narrowed his eyes, looking at ugotan, coolly way."Husband, what are you thinking?" Sable cicada is enjoying the 2 people world that lv bu accompanies, looking at lv bu to walk on the road absent-minded appearance, some laugh to ask a way.At least lv bu did not see the beginning of infighting, after eating breakfast together, lv bu will rush to the carpenter camp, for the next year after the spring to make the final preparations for the river tao.

After zhang already left, jia xu is comfortable to lean on the back of the chair, touch armrest to lv bu to smile a way: "crafty camp makes these things, pour pour convenience many."Xu du, cao fu.Lv lingqi identified the direction once, helplessly looked back to the public way: "it seems to have arrived at the grassland, first look for a place to settle down, and so on snow stopped and then hurry.奥罗黎|





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