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击败机甲专家贵州益佰复方斑蝥胶囊Sky, came a loud eagle cry, with a sound of joy, lyu3 bu4 looked up, the former eagle has grown up now, half a meter high body spread out wings, in the sky constantly circling."Master, this matter is subordinate to do a disadvantage, failed to stop in time." Giffin looked at lyu3 bu4 with a wry smile, not the kui is father and daughter, the character of the thunderous practice is a continuous line, giffin before focus on cooperation with lyu3 bu4 grassland strategy, for zhaoyun things, naturally slowed down some, ready to plan again after the war, who knows zhaoyun went so urgent, also abducted lyu3 bu4 daughter.Wei yan a broadsword, crazy dance in the army, the place, like the autumn wind swept away leaves, will jun kill seven hundred and eighty, coss is with military forces in wei yan army rampage, two general found each other's fierce at the same time, almost coincidentally rushed to each other.

"I don't know exactly. The herdsmen around me just said that a large group of people rushed out of the Kifu tribe to hunt down a few escaped slaves, but they were ambushed in the middle of the road and wiped out. Then Temuzhen led the people into the Kifu tribe, killing them whenever they saw them, and setting fire to the camp. It was very cruel.""Yes." The knight, startled, hurriedly said: "The Kifu tribe has been breached, when the subordinates feel, leaving only a ruin and corpse, subordinates are from the description of nearby herdsmen, guess that the attack on the Kifu tribe, should be Timuzhen and the 500 warriors he took away, the head of the Kifu tribe patriarch was also hung on the flagpole."Nodded, lyu3 bu4 stride into the back of the king's tent, spacious tent, a transpiration of water vapor diffuse, leapt into the eye, but it is amazing scene, a huge bath bucket, a bloodshot carcass in the diffuse of water vapor, looming.击败机甲专家This is not the first time that cao cao gave birth to such an idea, in the face of lombardi ten times his forces, can have been played up to now, has been a miracle, now hay is gone, morale also began to slacken, play again, but it is over.

击败机甲专家Listening to Han Sui's words, Daxi's heart was wide open, and he laughed aloud, "No, this time he's sitting behind my back!""How to make this, male is han, I am cloth, why..." Xu togeher arch hand, yuan ying, let him see some warm and cold, some people, can be in trouble together, but not with wealth, lombardi, cao cao I'm afraid it's no different.Ma dai saw zhang he escape, hurriedly clap horses in the chaos army drink loudly: "zhang he has been defeated to flee, you still don't surrender!"

"Our troops are sufficient, the general can be divided into six teams, each team of five thousand people, a team guarding the city, a team on standby, others just need to rest assured, every four hours to change, don't care about the other." Falling in grant wanted to think, now their biggest advantage is more soldiers, thirty thousand troops to defend mayi the city, too much.In front of outsiders, Especially in front of his men, Xu togeher still pay great attention to lombardi majesty, At the moment, all the way back to lombardi camp, but also at this time, match sent messengers will also match the letters xu togeher to lombardi hand, which also match some suggestions, and xu togeher without knowledge, with people straight to lombardi main camp, full of joy to show merit."Whew ~"击败机甲专家




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