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qlb 06妃龄七白膏代理"You..." At smell speech looked at the country can't say a word, Not to love that month of wine money, country is a wine tank, YingChuan xun also can afford him, just at suddenly thought, last time, the country is to use the death of sun ce, cheated him away for a month of wine money, look alert, looked at the country: "filial piety don't want to help the lyu3 bu4?""Master rest assured, at the end of the will certainly have a litter of cubs, master in the future to fight against the enemy!" Han De face red, hey hey naive smile way."Master idea is good, but impractical." Marotta shook his head.

"The general would like to set up a branch in the academy, for medical, if Mr Will promise to stay in the academy to teach, the general is willing to offer a cup of blood. Lyu3 bu4 smiled.Han De bosom of a flames, lang track: "master don't want to despise at the end of the general, death is dead, why fear?"qlb 06"Master idea is good, but impractical." Marotta shook his head.

qlb 06"General, big bad!" Scouts came to Liang Xing front, roll saddle horse, pale face can't see a bit of blood."Just now our forces, to defend..." Marotta hesitated, he naturally understand lyu3 bu4 worry, but now, with more than one hundred thousand people, there are the huns south, only with the fifty thousand people, how to prevent live.Sun ce a death, cao cao can draw out about twenty thousand troops from the south, after all, sun ce is dead, but to jiangdong alert can't all withdraw, that is clearly tell sun quan I despise you, although twenty thousand troops are not too much, but for today's cao cao, every additional force, can be more than a point.

Cao Peng nodded should be, but in the heart is not satisfied with both mouth, hum two times, no longer speak."What?" Han Sui frowned slightly: "Do you know what it is?"qlb 06




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