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月野理纱|颈腰骨康丸Three thousand soldiers with wei commanded, less than half wick sweet kung fu has been assembled.Looking at Ma Su's back, a few family head suddenly raised a strong worry, the person seems to say the right thing to say, but really started, but so easily confused square inch, was moved, promised him is not some rash?"Hmm?" Zhang fei saw the bearer's banner, unexpectedly is the home, rather than wei yan, and look at each other's military forces, although the number of people than wei yan guanzhong elite, but only look at spirit, compared with wei yan that elite, the military forces is a bunch of mob.

BaiChopping steel weapons and strong armor, in this is not a wide trench, the advantage, unless the other side of the weapon cut to the head, neck, otherwise it is difficult to cause harm to them, but shooting sound battalion soldiers weapons, but can easily tear their leather armor or even cut off weapons."Go down." Lv Zheng waved, turned his head and looked at Wu Jin. "Why do you oppose me?" He said coolly. "I'm not interested to know. Now that we've decided to do it, we're the enemy. As for the reason, it doesn't matter anymore."月野理纱|"Even a defeated general dares to be reckless!" Guan Yong a foot kick in wu into the leg, directly into wu kicked on the ground.

月野理纱|"Retreat to that Yin mausoleum first!" Guan yu sighed, qua defeat, some of the defeat makes him difficult to accept, back port Xing Daorong after all not water war, is done in accordance with the general defensive city war, was zhou tai easily ripped open from the water to rushed into the city, otherwise, tracing the cause even if the military forces more than twice, don't want to take qua from his hand."Well... let me see." General Lee's name is Li Hun, When it comes to qualifications, Just like Zhang Ren, Is liu yan era is an official general, but his family know their own affairs, with Zhang Renbi, he didn't have the ability, but ma said to his heart, originally, if it is Zhang Ren, Deng Xian, ling bract, it doesn't matter, three people are shu famous general, ability is not bad, prestige in the army is not small, can persuade people, but what is Wang Shuang? As soon as he arrived, he became his immediate supervisor. It would be deceptive to say that he was comfortable with the arrangement, but now that the situation is over, what can he do with his health?As commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Body armor is not ordinary soldiers, but lyu3 bu4 specially please guanzhong craftsmen tailor-made for a general, not only beautiful, but also amazing defense, with lock armor, it is also zhang feili force, for an ordinary general or not with strength generals to come over, at most can only leave a white mark on it.

"Hey ~" Wei Yan sneer at 1, also don't nonsense, a wave of his hand directly, instantly hundreds of arrows toward zhang fei.Qua tower, He Qi looked at tardif unexpectedly with guan yu war sixty or seventy undefeated, not big, stride to the drum platform, a will roll off the drum, picked up the gavel, personally beat the drum cheer, guan yu behind, Xing Daorong also excitedly waved the gavel.Helplessly shook his head, turned his head to arrange his elite preparation, although zhang ren to deal with zhang fei, tomorrow, but he brought the guanzhong elite will not be idle, to attack from the flanks, to avoid the other side of the rattan shield.月野理纱|




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