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米尚优品|同声翻译设备租赁"Soak in tung oil? If it is attacked by fire, the army will not survive." Zhuge liang frowned, but immediately think of the drawbacks.Ma's face changed and he snapped, "Go inside and have a look! But if there are rebels, shoot them!""The guan yu is clearly to exhaust our morale, the other side closed the door, our army here today a day of bitter, the men taut mind, and the other side is calmly trimmed, wait for tomorrow when the other side to attack, our army soldiers will naturally be in a very bad state." Lu su wry smile.

In fact, the port's defense is Xing Daorong do, he followed guan yu for many years, marching, also have a set, guan yu to him also more assured, just two people don't water war, so the port's defense, also according to the normal city defense to arrange, don't want to be tracing the cause at a glance."Hmm?" Zhang fei saw the bearer's banner, unexpectedly is the home, rather than wei yan, and look at each other's military forces, although the number of people than wei yan guanzhong elite, but only look at spirit, compared with wei yan that elite, the military forces is a bunch of mob.米尚优品|Rapid footsteps woke up a lot of sleeping people, many people curious to wait and see, but see a large number of people toward the secretariat of the murderous past, many alert people hurriedly pulled family, the doors and windows closed, tonight looks unusual.

米尚优品|In this unfavorable situation, single-handedly, slay the enemy master is undoubtedly a good way to reverse the situation, if the other master slay, that even if the guanzhong military forces again elite, without the command of the coach, zhang fei can also use various methods to break the difficult army."You are as smart and talented as Zhao Kuo. Unfortunately, I have studied your data. I have been Zhuge Liang's adviser since I started my career. I have never made up my mind about anything. That's why I think I can do everything."

Method is smiling nodded: "Master to less master is quite strict, Every year, in addition to studying, I spent half a year practicing outside, Or in the army, or in the place for collectors, with master's words, is to apply what you have learned, always feel some inappropriate, now it seems that master is right, look at the younger generation, the little jiang wei, Ma Qiu, Zhang Hu, Gao Chong, guan Yong, although not compared to when the world famous general, but also enough to take up important positions, over time, these younger generation, I'm afraid to compare me. "Tracing the cause with zhou tai, tardif, He Qi and others came to qua outside the city, check the enemy, wait and see for a long time, tracing the cause suddenly laughed: "don't want to guan yu unexpectedly so careless!"The men who stopped the chase quickly picked up the untrampled crossbow from the ground, Started shooting at the enemy, dense arrows rain shot again, this time, jingzhou army is almost mowed grass harvested, zhang fei angrily, want to stabilize the army, but also helpless, watched these have been frightened soldiers shot by the enemy, and he also had to be carried away by the rebels retreat.米尚优品|




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