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股评首帮育发液At that moment, separate almost blurts out the letter did not say so, fortunately, he also quick, only from exposure, but also that a start, separate know that he had been targeted by zhuge liang, and he doesn't know where he is to expose, but these have not important, he is not sure whether liu bei knows anything about it, but he knew, xiangyang is can't go back, this matter, already known to the nightingale to his secret by jingzhou to luoyang, as for the answers to lu bu, sums up only three words... Jiangdong."Sir, that's the way it is. They said that during the reign of the Lord, he had been forced to take food from his dead body, mistreated his family and robbed them. 'murmured the steward."Traitor?" The e smile smiled at liu zhang: "I have been your saddle horse for 20 years, but you take advantage of my absence, fornyou my wife, but also secretly murder me, also asked me why pestered, son can do

"Well!" Several military responsible for intelligence scouts went out quickly, scouts can when the qing dynasty is not what people, not only to master martial arts, on horseback, or more to the load, the flexible, generally can be served as scouts, are elite troops, and can in lyu3 bu4 sentinels under former city as scouts, more unusual.'I'm afraid so! Nodded, the leader turned his head to see a look behind the soldiers, hoarse voice as if from the wind blowing over the general: "spread out, pay attention to the warning!"股评He sighed and looked at zhang ren and gave him a slight salute. "general zhang," he said, "I'm not disloyal These a few days, wronged general, when I break through chengdu, to general again! Pull down, good health care, must not neglect."

股评"Well, I remember that. Shu zhi asked if he would take the opportunity to attack chai sang." ZhuGeLiangWen said nodded, his words are also some helpless, if change the timing or the situation, it is a good opportunity for into the river, at least occupied jiangxia and he and the two places, then put in the hands grip the jiangdong portal, such as river water army is severe, but they can completely avoid the weakness of water-forces, by he scored jiangdong road, but now the situation does not allow, unless there is the possibility to clear away the jiangdong to in a short period of time, otherwise, will only make the two sides have completely break the relationship has dropped to freezing point, there is no room for everything."Men may see only I master back your family land, but not see, I master in recovery of these at the same time, but also for family opened up a new trade routes, the silk road of what interests you also heard, as long as there is enough strength, are feasible, the silk road, protected by our army, the official master, if you have any family can get more preferential tax policies, unified thought, the only one, is enough to diminish lost their land cause losses to you.""Oh ~" meng da shook his head and sneered, "I am loyal to liu zhang. However, liu zhang was a man of great sexual immorality. When he visited my house, he saw my wife was so beautiful that he had a bad heart.

Ship slowly close to the riverbank, a canoe has quickly out of the ship, downstream and hurried to the company notice to sun quan, riverbank, the confusion of the crowd as the ship to dock, settle down gradually, but see a floor board down to a few people, and a stretcher was rope from ship hanging, four soldiers to look solemn, lift a stretcher, incredible in all eyes, lv meng with a stretcher goes to the camp."Yes, general zhang, you today's kindness, under no teeth unforgettable, but general a talent, not because of me and waste." Liu zhang at the moment to get lu bu amnesty, although no longer a side of the prince, but retained the title, more can enter luoyang as an official, although there will certainly be no real power, but this result, for him a defeated prince, has been valuable, follow together to persuade up."Jokes, why?" In the crowd, someone said angrily: "his liu zhang's life is life, that in the past by liu zhang persecution to death of those people is not life?"股评




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