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三界与地狱魔族3 0|欧泉琳美白祛斑系列"I know that." Xia houyuan silently nodded, there are those strong bow, as the side guarding the city, zhang liao's advantage is too big, especially the encircled camp, is a huge turtle shell, if you do not break the shell, xia houyuan did not have any chance."What is it? Chen deng stopped Chen GUI's anger and said to the girl, "speak clearly.""Hundreds of dhi? Three Korean?" Zhong you sucked your tongue and turned to Chen qun. "long wen knows which horse this is."

"Lyu3 bu4 soldier horse, why can appear in yang2 ping3 pass?" Britons voice, that five years lyu3 bu4, while not apologise to the central plains, but as a neighbor, hanzhong and trade exchanges between changan, for strong guanzhong, britons have experience greatly, however, is as a result, although from last year has been someone to lobby coalition troops, but britons can't move, afraid to annoy lyu3 bu4 scored directly to, unexpectedly came, and occurs outside the YangPingGuan directly."Steady! Zhang liao cold hums 1, slowly raised right hand."Clatter ~"三界与地狱魔族3 0|As neighbors, also with lyu3 bu4 plays the most governors, cao cao knows better than anyone lyu3 bu4 has grown over the years, cao cao also in steady development over the years, but miss lu bu the pace of development, this is beyond the feeling, really not the taste, especially the opponent was defeated by his former that kind of frustration.

三界与地狱魔族3 0|Lyu3 bu4 nature is destroyed, more directly to cao cao to plain areas, and is suitable for lyu3 bu4 fight, and compared with liu bei, milan and Sun Quanzhi flow, lyu3 bu4 to cao cao pay more attention to some, but also the population of the central plains, is an important factor lyu3 bu4 covet cao cao, cao cao just to swallowed, lu bu is the real world hegemony.Zhang liao is obviously ready to play a protracted war, this makes xia houyuan very difficult to understand, this is not equal to give him time to mobilize more power to destroy him?"You mean, they... "CAI MAO's eyes widened in disbelief.

However, that zang ba was actually cowardly died in the surrounded by several soldiers, I think the martial arts is not very good."I can't rule out the possibility of a miscarriage. After all, there's no need for the other side to keep the crossbow." Xun yu sighed, this possibility is not big, and cao cao has just recently hired a large number of combat ace to changan, two things together, lyu3 bu4 have every reason to do that sort of thing, after all the rules, was broken by Cao Caoxian, cao cao also have never thought, combines the history with deng exhibition under the condition of the two big swordsman, lyu3 bu4 unscathed, and back to so fast, so hard!"Send someone to find out!" At this moment, zhang lu also ignored many, looking at Yang bo, Yang ang brothers, shen said: "two generals quickly to mobilize troops, early tomorrow morning, send troops yangpingguan, yangpingguan will be taken back.三界与地狱魔族3 0|




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