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惟负时光不负你|陕西融和化工Waved, twenty strong foot soldiers carrying hook claws, quickly avoid the trap in front of the camp, antlers, quietly touch YuanMen."General wei, general wen yuan sent us to help the general, I will listen to the general command." YuanMen mouth, he yi he man to wei hand way.At, freeze nodded, it was also done a serious study, lyu3 bu4 win is not big, after all, then Korea hence under military forces and burn when qiang people, together nearly two hundred thousand people, lyu3 bu4 plus d also but thirty thousand people, disparity, and no risk to keep, how can't win.

Marotta worried to d, after all, pound is d, and on ability, d is not bad."Master, will be willing to accept the challenge at the end!" Hande step forward, will be in the hands of the hatchet to the ground, the ground around the obvious jump."Master, this is not the time to argue about these, if it is d, d's character, I'm afraid found that there is no master in the camp, will immediately kill." Cheng Gongying sink a track.惟负时光不负你|"Wen... Wen Hou, will be willing to fall at the end of the!" Looked at lyu3 bu4, Yang Qiuqi ai ai said.

惟负时光不负你|"Master worry too much?" Yang Qiu some disapprovingly way: "Lyu3 bu4 under not only twenty thousand, but also to step died, how can threaten our army?""Why don't you kill these people!!?" D eyes looked at ma dai, cold tone as if from nine deep and quiet hell surging up the chill, people everywhere cold, is ma dai, also can not help but shudder.

D military forces gallop overnight after all is now sleepy, after a moment of stalemate, gradually showing signs of decline, only d, rushed to the left in the crowd right tu, past, blood filled."Why?"Chen Gongwen speech, can't help but sigh a little, no more words.惟负时光不负你|




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