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庞贝古城文物被盗e肽润巢"To coerce the son of heaven to order princes? I didn't think these fools would do that." Lyu3 bu4 nod, he also thought of this possibility.Lyu3 bu4 only feel the eyes a bright, was already the huns ride through the glanced at his heels out of Ezra pound, hai, lu buller carousel, charge out again, this time, from behind the huns in three hundred Biao ride who have raised the crossbow, shoot to many places, in a flash, into the huns fell, is adding to the chaos in the huns."The Lord is wise." Jia xu smelled the speech with a slight smile, since lv bu has already had the preparation, that he also has no need to say what more.

< / p > < p > two people drink a few cups later, each have a mind, see off sima boda, the young scribe also did not stay, left the restaurant, now chang 'an with the warming weather, before the panic is little by little eliminated, the academy reopened, as the college steward, he can not stay here for a long time."Ha ha ha ha ~ good, did not expect han family woman also so fierce, I like!" Wugetan greedy eyes in lu lingqi tall body scan, nodded: "since today, you are my woman."庞贝古城文物被盗Zhang nodded and said, "I wonder where the Lord is?"

庞贝古城文物被盗"Lord, what now? Continue to kill?" < / p > < p > han DE licked some dry lips, touched a face do not know whether it is blood or rain liquid, looking at lu bu way.After ma chao released an arrow, he brandished a long gun and ran back and forth in the crowd. Although the old camp was mostly a kind of residence made of felt bags, the terrain was still the terrain of street fighting.Zhang liao looked at li ru, though he did not know what medicine he was selling, he seemed to have some ideas and wanted to ask about it. However, due to li kan's presence, he could not ask more questions. He just looked at li ru and waited for him to speak.

"Well, I see." Jun han one face suddenly realize of expression, let a person loose the rope way of the other party body: "this general, walk with me, my general want to see you.""Kill!" Yin wei gnashed his teeth and pulled out his sword, a ferocious look on his face."Be." Military commanders nodded, the rouzhi roamed the lyu3 bu4 never rejected, especially after this time the battle, more hope to have a strong like lu bu to lead them, there is no loyalty, people just want to be able to live better, and lu bu, have the ability to let the rouzhi roamed to live better, and don't have to be oppressed by other tribes.庞贝古城文物被盗




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