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黄沙领主开个游戏厅要多少钱"General, wei yan, blanc two generals led the military forces have been to thirty miles away, two generals have come to meet with the general with a close guard!" Just as Pound was helpless, a small school came in and said to Pound.Tardif and sun ce age, when they met, the three brothers have reached the peak, and tardif is still growing up, but guan yu also didn't expect, tardif will grow to enough to let him face up to the extent."What can be wrong, the hundreds of army has been held by Mr ZhuGeJun in the county, as long as I take chengdu, cut off his hay supply, hundreds of army within ten days will be destroyed." Xie Chengleng snorted: "The emperor uncle has promised, as long as under the shu, will never infringe upon my interests, such as so, why to the lyu3 bu4 when slaves!"

"General male, somehow here!" Li Hun see male broad sea, can't help but force a smile, since lu zheng into shu, male broad sea rarely appeared in public, even if it is, also as lu zheng guards generally appeared around lu zheng, shu people don't know this person, but male broad sea fame, said more than lu zheng these people."Arrows!" Ma zhong see guan yu stare, Heartfelt unprovoked hit a shiver, hurriedly make soldiers put arrows, guan yu side of the soldiers have become a bird of surprise at the moment, did not have time to form an effective defense, was mazhong a random arrow shot, guan yu saw great anger, a pat horse straight into the direction of mazhong, people have not yet arrived, the dragon crescent moon knife has been out of hand."Wait a minute, Guan Yu still has plenty of energy." Tracing the cause shook his head, although guan yu personally, but see its military forces dispatching, leisurely, obviously there is room in the city, turned his head to pan zhang way: "you rate all the way military forces, attack from the south gate, be sure to leave guan yu garrison to lead out of the city."黄沙领主Chapter one hundred and thirteen god arrow retreat

黄沙领主Pang Tong smell speech face can not help but a black, Indeed, ten years ago lyu3 bu4 can not now so large resources to raise the son, with the original lyu3 bu4 situation and concept, more likely to cultivate a monster king, although Addis will indeed have a few points, but even without gender, she is only a qualified general, and not likely to become lyu3 bu4's successor."Wen-ho, what do you think?" Boring, lyu3 bu4 twist a head to look aside in the old god giffin, had to admire the guy's steady force, this quarreled for three days, giffin from beginning to end is such a look.Zhuge Jin shook her head, sighed, and smiled bitterly. "Master forgave me for my sins, but I was incompetent and failed to persuade Liu Bei to withdraw."

According to Zhang Fei's experience, Normally, if a crossbowman gets close, Then of course it's going to be a mercury diarrhea, With one gusto, Kill the enemy until they fall apart, But when the real battle is over, The one-sided picture did not emerge, the seemingly flawed army, At the beginning of the battle, as embedded in their own small gyroscope general crazy spin up, the chop sword is designed after, suitable for step length, some similar to later samurai knife, and the local sergeant's skills are not much, is a move sweep, a knife, quickly retreat, then another person to continue sweeping.But since the guanzhong pursued a policy of elite troops, not a few times the strength is really afraid to fight with the guanzhong military forces, the number of equal cases, is basically looking for abuse."Yes!" Zhang Fei didn't expect his potential in the must-have spear was blocked by the other side, and still has the strength to fight back, Can't help but praise, battlefield battle is not more than ordinary fight malicious, can't allow you to test, a hand is full, often win or lose only in an instant to part, this blow is not the slightest left hand, look around the world, can block his spear is also very few people, only this, wei yan martial arts is enough to be included in the first-class list of peaks.黄沙领主





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