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做号工具q5877578|尚凝99祛斑原液There was a shout outside ShaSheng, majesty of military forces have clashed with outside forces, CAI and kuai lit, the more rapid out of the camp, though with majesty the point is, but it is at this point, majesty, also in protect yourself, now is a in the same boat, and thankfully, the roads are mostly mountain in this decades, go against cavalry galloping, otherwise, CAI really little confidence can under the pursuit of d, troops return to j.One of the white horse silver gun, in the battlefield is very eye-catching, CAI MAO recognized this person, impresses is from his eyelids under the zhaoyun zhao zilong!Luck!

"How? Haven't seen you for a year, and miss big is getting very grumpy." Lv bu turned over eyelid, the vision however see toward that tough man way: "this, must be gan ning gan general?"Looking exhausted, as a kitten generally docile lying in his arms of the woman, lv bu smiled and shook his head, love for her pulled silk was covered that moving spring."Lord, I am afraid this battle will be difficult to fight." Guo jia's health seems to be worse today, only xunyou at the side of cao cao at the moment, looking at the direction of yuan shang left, a leisurely sigh.做号工具q5877578|"The last general!" Chen and guan ping bowed.

做号工具q5877578|It was one of the most fascinating debates in the past century, with dong zhongshu's views on one side and shang Yang's reforms on the other side.CAI MAO closed his eyes in pain, jingzhou army has been defeated, but more desperate is that, as luoyang city level is the highest, also the highest offensive of the three army general gao shun has not appeared so far!!!Of course, we could take a detour, but that would make our supply lines longer and pass through so many passes that we could easily miss our planes in time!

Zhaoyun go, although Addis don't give up, but also know that this is zhaoyun prove his world war I to the world, whether it's for his name or for their own future, liaodong, zhaoyun must go to, the head of sp 4 degrees must also take back, because the sun made the lyu3 bu4 taboo, drop and rebellious, also kill lyu3 bu4 sent to liaodong takeover of liaodong city grassroots officials and people that the justice department, added up to hundreds of people."No." Leiter seriously look at liu2 bei4: "that is a matter of the CAI, rather than the master, master this, the first priority is to help win the CAI liu jingzhou relieving, if can defeat lyu3 bu4 nature is good, if not, the master will also when the relieving as far as possible in our own hands, only in this way, can truly control JingXiang nine liu jingzhou county and don't have to be taken by CAI."Why is that?做号工具q5877578|




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