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pass终极任务河南资助网"I am the king's court general temuzhen, you and other leaders treacherous, unauthorized attack king's court, with despicable tricks to kill step root, now king's court army to kill, you also stubbornly resist!" Lyu3 bu4 a live will go to jin stop vomiting head twisted off, tiger eye shot: "your head is dead, don't surrender!"Lyu3 bu4 holding his arms, Watching the water vapour evaporate, That pair of sapphire-like eyes, a slightly curly hair falls like a waterfall on the water, tall and plump a pair of jade peaks float up and down with the action on the water, can not see clearly, but it is therefore, let a person imagine, more mysterious temptation, this is a very good use of their bodies of women.The minister promised, Arrange for someone to converge Chen Xing's body, Wei Yan ordered people to restrain Chen Xing's defeated army, Five thousand troops, Unexpectedly was coss killed more than two thousand people, Heart not hate, and life will bring three thousand foot soldiers back to luoyang, by wei more temporary commander in chief, he led the troops back to tiger fastened shut, meng jin was taken, equal to lyu3 bu4 predetermined line of defense was cao cao opened a gap, then no matter how wei yan to play, meng jin is a hidden danger, must take meng jin back from coss as soon as possible.

"XiaGuan remember." Jiang xu hurriedly bowed down."No! I will fight this battle myself!" Kui looked at TaBaJi powder and MurongGui, shook his head, and laughed aloud: "If every battle to temuzhen brothers to fight, is it not to let DaXi new absolutely laugh at my king's court no one?""Although the kui head don't temuzhen, but in the eyes of the whole prairie, temuzhen has voted for the king's court, such a member here, don't say xianbei in the west, even under the king's tribe with a heart of disobedience, also will be uneasy, plus the provocation of xianbei in the west, soon, these tribes themselves will join forces against the king's court."pass终极任务"So what?" Lyu3 bu4 looked back at the cliff, has gradually gone away army, shook his head and said: "has been useless, no one will believe you, and, from the moment they walked out of the king's court, king's court, xianbei in the west, has been doomed to become history."

pass终极任务"Drive ~" shook his head, lyu3 bu4 legs suddenly a clip, horses eat pain, began rushing from the rear of the turbulent cavalry.And the social form of the Han Dynasty has evolved from the slave age to the feudal age, the emergence of houses, gates, various tools, survival is no longer the first factor, in the case of material life is no longer the top priority, the rulers will naturally pursue something on the basis of survival, such as prosperity."Sir, actually a few days ago, there were some rumors in the barracks, but people didn't care too much at that time, but now that I think about it, those rumors and the current events were surprisingly consistent. A crony general bowed his head.

"Martial arts, you this is..." Zhang he looked falling in grant, almost don't recognize it.This is not at the beginning of lyu3 bu4 in the west cool pastoral slope of the camp, cao cao is clearly ready for this battle, from a few years ago has consciously strengthened guandu defense, whether defense or all kinds of guarding city equipment are available."No." Zhaoyun shook his head and said, "Just Shi Yuan, don't you always despise Wen Hou and always want to leave?"pass终极任务





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