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何猷启宣布已婚|北京华义"When the news came yesterday, it was almost to the valley of letters, now even has passed the valley of letters. Wei Yue replied."Hum!" Qifu goyang proudly said: "we have long since left the king's court begging fu tribe, less take the name of the king's court to pressure me!"Pound also bowed down and said, "Master, the war is imminent, it is time to choose and employ people, it is better to exempt from criminal responsibility, let it make meritorious service?"

"Ah?" QinWei chief startled to step to the root.Lombardi silent will the cao cao wrote to xun yu urgent documents to see again, sneer at 1, in xu togeher startled eyes, lost the letter.The voice of indifference seemed to carry a spell, Is about to escape the soldiers as if in the body of the general stiffened in place, unexpectedly dare not move half a step, lyu3 bu4 cold face toward wang yong, sink a track: "I lyu3 bu4 since asked into the city, in the autumn of the people, in the city soldiers have not harsh, have you ever wondered, if the general died, outside the army will do to you? To the people of the city?"何猷启宣布已婚|"Why not?" Lan Zhan mournfully said: "You killed my favorite man, I want you to pay for your life! I will tell all your things, tell them, you are Chinese!"

何猷启宣布已婚|"Yes." Giffin looked at them, solemnly said: "master ready before leaving, give me a title of generals in ancient times, master is not in, this order can be used once.""At the end of the day!" Pound, Liao Hua two people smell speech bow way.Clapped the snow-white chest, lyu3 bu4 ha ha a smile, strode out, came out of the door, suddenly turned his head, looked at the woman: "I don't know your name?"

Kui-tou laughed. "And if the huns tribe is uprooted by the beggars, the temuzhen want revenge, can only loyalty to us, this is the best chance to accept him, as for his people..."Cao Caowen speech in the heart, also can't continue to enjoy the praise of the people, hurriedly took the letter, spread out on the table, at a glance at the past, eyes also gradually become dignified.Under the stimulation of begging Fu Ge Yang, begging Fu people seem to play hormones of general excitement to despair of the huns.何猷启宣布已婚|




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