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东哥之东山再起湘西野鸡苗"You..." Ma Annoyed look to lu zheng, he was a ten-year-old kid in IQ despised."In that case, my little nephew is willing to take orders from his uncle." Xie Yun finally gritted his teeth and promised."My lord horse on the day of luoyang, bright is to give up an official position, also want to protect the yuan. Zhuge liang shook his head and never gave way.

"Boom ~"Zhuge liang shook his head, pang tong between the lines of the strands of pride on paper, and if something really went wrong in chengdu, pang tong probably didn't have time to bullshit with himself here."No, I can't! Ziyi, break through!" He qi a knife will be a jingzhou soldiers head split fly, wiped a handful of blood on his face, rushed to tardif, loudly drink a way.东哥之东山再起Small school promised, turned away, soon, wei yan and blanc side by side.

东哥之东山再起But he promised tracing the cause, at least also want to give him ten days, so he must do everything possible to stop guan yu jingzhou army here at least ten days.War not ten, has been defeated like dew, at this time, zhou tai fleet also leaned ashore, jingzhou soldiers can't resist, began to retreat, Xing Daorong more force war tardif ten, tardif a halberd slay.He will withdraw from the song, reorganize the army, and then with jiangdong military forces.

Glancing at the soldiers gathered behind him, Lu Su took a deep breath and looked at them with a smile. "Guan Yun-chang," he said, "is no more than that.""Oh?" Liu2 bei4 eyes flashed a touch of joy, shu news has not yet come, there is good news?Chapter one hundred and nine retreat东哥之东山再起





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