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谷俊山曾威胁总后部长九州未来科技Lyu3 bu4 vertical and horizontal shopping malls, Say the mall is a battlefield, This is not bad in one way or another, Later generations are determined to seek novelty and change, but they have really sought a circle and changed a circle. When they reach a certain height, they will gradually find that they can never change without their ancestors. In fact, the new and changed they have sought have been handed down to their predecessors for a long time, but they did not understand it when they were young. When they really realized the Tao, they looked back and looked at it like a joke."There was no sign of him within a hundred miles of each other, your excellency; he did not escape, did he?" QinWei chief shook his head, some disdain asked."Hmm?" Lyu3 bu4 frowned: "What is it?"

Lyu3 bu4 poetry itself did not bring much praise, seven quatrains at this time has not yet arisen, plus lyu3 bu4's identity as a military commander, scholar in the poem itself has not much praise, but the content of this poem, but let countless people, especially those born in the north, this feeling is particularly strong."Since the defeat of the white horse, then lost the news, should have left lombardi." Freeze shook his head."When the news came yesterday, it was almost to the valley of letters, now even has passed the valley of letters. Wei Yue replied.谷俊山曾威胁总后部长"Bao ~"

谷俊山曾威胁总后部长"Say hello to Dad for me." The last sentence, Addis said very low, Pang Tong want to ask again, Addis has taken zhaoyun on horseback."Yes." Han sui smiled and nodded, "just came the news, the five big tribes secretly united, calculate the king's court, step root was Kirby can shoot, the five big tribal coalition forces have also besieged the king's court, the king's court civil strife is now, it is time for our army to drive straight into, the patriarch won the khan."But now lyu3 bu4 was born, occupied harmony and cool bing, plus hetao, luoyang, territory is not much smaller than lombardi and cao cao, plus its north reputation, has been enough to compete with cao cao, cao cao had to distract against lyu3 bu4, so, want to guandu war, but it will take a long time.

Thinking of these things, lyu3 bu4 but always pay attention to the movement of xianbei people, those scouts patrol route, time, has been lyu3 bu4, time, also in this silent, but depressing in the long wait, bit by bit in the past."A title of generals in ancient times, Lv! It was he!" Zhang Gu can even hear the sound of wang yong's teeth trembling beside him, not only him, even when he saw the flag representing lyu3 bu4, there is an impulse to sit down.谷俊山曾威胁总后部长




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