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终极歪国|爱美车汽车用品网Looking at these women, lv bu shook his head: "I'm sorry to tell you that you gave up the last chance to live a good life. Later, you will certainly regret today's decision.""Well." Lyu3 bu4 nodded, and that the vigorous land equalization policy plan to now though it is not over yet, but basically the hearts and minds have been, and continue to stay here and meaning is not big, it will worry to cao cao, time is long, is likely to pull up a big battle, the cao cao and lyu3 bu4 are not willing to see, cao cao to digest of the income, qingzhou and JiNa, and lu bu is going to start a new round of action."No small contribution." Lyu3 bu4 nod, think of this problem daughter to help oneself pry back a general, lyu3 bu4 pour gas shun many, just why say again?

Zhang liao wen yan nodded, to lu bu archway: "so, and the state of the land for our army control, congratulations Lord."When falling to grant zhang he by Ezra pound in HuGuan d to repel, into the taihang mountains, the natural caused alarm, zhang yan was a conflict has occurred, and then falling grant know lyu3 bu4 are already into the taihang mountains, to persuade zhang yan in their place, know the matter, after falling in grant hurriedly let zhang he changed strategy, with zhang yan, secretly sent to contact zhang yan.Chapter 20 potential终极歪国|As xu sheng shouted, only two muffled sounds were heard. Two huge arrows, like long guns, burst out of the air and roared at zhang fei.

终极歪国|Before the three thousand cavalry, ma chao wore a certain sky Wolf helmet, holding a long gun, legs of a horse as if in the group of horses appear unusual god jun."Well, your father and daughter are really a virtue!" Pang tong in the heart of a cowardice, the wild pride of the momentum is in front of lu bu not out.Cold arrow in the air again and again crisscross, a splashes of blood flower, with a sad and heroic, silent narrative of the tragic war.

CAI MAO just swim look around, also know defeat has been decided, hui tian powerless, he also know that kuai yue and not wrong, who can think ofGao shun not only exchanged wei yan and ma chao's headquarters, but also moved the three strange crossbows to the cavalry battalion, the three strange crossbows is to completely destroy the morale of jingzhou army root.Although did not hand, but ma chao before several times with the battle, its courage has been deeply popular, li dian asked himself is not an opponent, so although ma chao Shouting fierce, the heart is really fire, but at the moment did not dare to have half a minute to stay, but more crazy to run.Just when a line of troops returned to the camp, did not find signs of war, which let CAI MAO and kuai liang down at the same time, the heart also can not help but a little doubt, where is the gaishun?终极歪国|





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