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cf波塞冬多少钱绿瘦多少钱Gao gan's face changed and he was about to say something when the door suddenly fell down. With a loud crash, the heavy door fell to the ground, splashing a piece of snow.'what? Yuan shang was surprised when he heard the words.Didn't know that was luck, lyu3 bu4 Yuan Jia two sons fight will start so fast, that he was ready to play a big fight, and even life cioffi transferring fifty thousand slave soldiers addition, today's dispense with a lot of trouble for him, but as applied to soldiers, the next biggest problem, I'm afraid, cao cao to cao cao's side a group of counselors with cao cao, make so much noise here, in the heart of cao cao, if indulge themselves by spent in jizhou, lyu3 bu4 would feel strange.

Heluo is an important channel for lubu to attract people from outside. Now the war is raging, which is very bad for the development of people's livelihood. Therefore, lubu does not want to continue fighting."Thirty thousand troops have been brought back, and now they have been handed over to the city guards to keep outside." Zhang he looked at his face and asked, hesitating, "Sir, master... "< / p > < p > a dozen night owl left a person for lu bu to guide the way, the others quickly disappeared into the mountains, to inform han DE troops.cf波塞冬多少钱One of lu bu's three advisors was waiting for a pair of eyes to die looking at the sky. One hand was held by lu bu, but it was already stiff.

cf波塞冬多少钱Close under, can realize that pair of eyes son inside the emotion that reveals.This is known as the reputation of the burden, when lyu3 bu4 down and out, the infamous, nobody will care about lyu3 bu4, win or lose, no one will care about, but when lyu3 bu4, now not only a sublime huaxia, especially when one party governors, nature also will focus on the eyes of the world, this time, in fact lyu3 bu4 can't afford to lose, even a small loss, all is likely to shake a military momentum, lyu3 bu4 reputation on spot.Jiangdong or liu table, because each other in all the year round, virtually let water army get vigorous development of both sides, any two, are capable of upstream, swept shu in the attack, with milan faint, if they had really been to open the portal in the shu water-forces, future, beat lombardi, cao cao is lu bu, but any one got shu, in the future the world series is a big trouble, it happened that lyu3 bu4 now couldn't to south, though in shu zhong yao, but the north overlord position clearly is more important, shu most also only one time, but the northern overlord position basically enough to lay the lyu3 bu4 world hegemony the status.

Lv bu na mang fu had suffered such a big loss, but he could see clearly the joint. He treated the matter rationally. He did not believe that cao cao could not see through."Zhaoyun, ganning! Gao shunshen voice channel.cf波塞冬多少钱




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