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基尔尤恩的喙欧麦诗数字闪电定点瘦"How?" Zhang liao laughed and shook his head and said, "he is so incompetent that he really doesn't see it in his eyes. It is only the current situation that he must fight quickly and make a quick decision. However, gao gan chose the most stupid way of fighting."I'm going, too." Zhang fei hurriedly stopped liu2 bei4, hey smile a way: "elder brother, I then shut up be, this time, you can't pull down my 1."Zhang he and zu retreated to the huguan pass. I wonder if pang DE would be able to seize the pass before they did. But with their departure, there was only one group of high officials left in the territory of the two states.

"Not the Lord of the farm tax." Chen gong sighed: "it is true that in the past two years, our army has developed in commerce, and merchants from the western regions and the central plains have come and gone in an endless flow. If there is war, how will it be sustained?""General, the last one will be honored!" Pound held the spear still stuck in his body and saluted zhang liao.Disappointed, very disappointed!基尔尤恩的喙

基尔尤恩的喙"Rumble ~"Think of guo jia's evaluation, cao cao some shibuya, even if the fierce as cao cao, now also under the influence of the family, and with the growing cao cao, those from the family pressure is more and more, looking at guo jia, cao cao opened his mouth, but was interrupted by guo jia."Well." Lv bu nodded, yifu desperately, wanfu mo enemy, zhang he and other people desperately up, looking across the world, can win the people are really few.

Lu xun pulled the youth to escape generally ran out from the store, long so big, probably is the first time by a merchant despise, but think, in recent years in chang 'an side of the drive, merchants, craftsmen in the central plains position has also improved a lot."Now the equal-field system has just begun to promote, shi yuan has seen this law, and wen he presided over the matter. Lv bu groped for the handrail, frowning way: "recently this period of time, wen far there several times urgent, did not have the jizhou of yuan's home, cao cao received downwind smooth water, I wait for every city will contend!"This idea in a flash across in your mind, liu bei has been determined, a spare twin sword, joined the fray, mouth shout stop, stay zhaoyun hesitate for a moment, twin sword in his hand is not hesitate to kill to Addis, guan yu, zhang fei and liu bei brothers for many years, already formed the tacit understanding, which also don't know at the moment, a moment, the pressure of the three people all focused on the Addis.基尔尤恩的喙




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