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两个洞一起进好刺激h文|隐疤乐效果怎么样"General, it's time." In zhang liao's camp, li ru immediately found zhang liao when he got the news of the sharpshooter who had quietly escaped from the chaotic army."Hey, ugly ghost, stay away from me." Lu lingqi threw a basin of cold water to the ugly ghost."Zhou cang! Lu bu shouted.

"Miss! The Lord has promised to make you a general when he returns." Zhou cang said with a wry smile.< / p > < p > three hundred people in a double ride, lv bu also found a horse, specially responsible for the consignment of their weapons, ghost side halberd weight of 108 jin, lv bu can not bear red rabbit overload, so in daily life is riding another horse, only in wartime, will ride red rabbit.Chen gong nodded, but his eyes fell on pang tong, smiling: "this gentleman, can you enter the hall for a chat?"两个洞一起进好刺激h文|"My husband? If it is the childe, can your husband ever think of a name?" Big qiao looks at lv bu to pinch tight the hand that loosen again ceaselessly, take a few envy ground to say.

两个洞一起进好刺激h文|"The Lord is right. If guan du is lost, cao cao will be powerless to return to heaven." Jia xu nodded, did not deduce go down after all this kind of armchair strategist to see the general trend is still good, but really want to push the performance of a decisive battle, then they can go out to put stalls fortune-telling.Three hundred hussars marched quickly in front of lu bu, each with his visor drawn down, coldly watching the approach of the enemy and meeting them in their first battle since they had joined the army.For a long time, lu lingqi stood up, her expression was a little more cold than it had been in the past, there was still something heroic in her features, but it seemed to be a little different, what is it? She doesn't even know.

And scribes sighed and shook his head, wry smile way: "at the beginning my father had the foresight, let me hide in advance, for our home leave a wisp of incense, also wanted to go originally, heard the news of the family things to voluntarily, transmission line, two younger brother is enough, he smart - I ten times, travel and study in the outside, calculate time, should also be well, I will stay in changan, seeking revenge, it is a pity, haha... "Outside chang 'an, Chen gong stopped lv bu and said, "my Lord, when we go back, we need to take an hussar with us.""All right." Wanted to think, then nodded, and he wasn't the kind to hosts can also come and go freely, look for their own safety is very heavy, although not feel burning when people will really turned to yourself, but be careful no big mistake, now the situation is in the direction of Korea hence don't want to see, lyu3 bu4 regression, this time, burn when people how to think, Korea hence there is no bottom in my heart.两个洞一起进好刺激h文|




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